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Different Core, different world!
Vigek WiFi Smart Peephole Viewer
♦ Classic Appearance   ♦ Intelligent Core
WiFi connected, Real-time Video on Phone
Immediately notify after pressed doorbell,
Check your visitors no matter where you are,
Real-time Video like before your eyes!
Door Open Alarm
Instant remote alarm when open the door,
Live videos, identify abnormity at a glance,
Intelligence makes home security easier!
Wide Angle Lens, Infrared Night Vision
WeChat Notification Push
Alarm events and images,
Push to both WeChat and Vigek APP,
Use whichever you like!
"0" Standby Power Consumption
No work, No power supply
How long the battery can put,
How long it will standby.
Standby for a year, work for 3 months
Eyepiece Visible
It's a smart peephole, also an ordinary one
No worry about network failure or power depletion
Classic size, Easy to install
Same size as traditional peephole, replace directly
No tools required, install in seconds
Video Resolution
Video Frame Rate
IrDA Distance
Lens Angle
Power Supply
WiFi Distance
Supported Phone
VGA(640*480) / QVGA(320*240)
10fps(Dynamic adjust according to mobile phone's network)
120 degree
Two 3.7V Rechargeable lithium battery
WIFI 2.4G 802.11b/g/n
Outdoor 30M,In house 10~20M
Android Phone, iPhone